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I'm Heather Lingle, an Americana singer/songwriter, living in Montana, born and raised in Texas.  You can read more about who I am and how I got to be a songwriter in my Bio!


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The Lively Times, a state-wide entertainment monthly gave my new album, Welcome to Blue Town, a great review!

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The BoZone - Arts & Entertainment weekly in Bozeman, MT reviewed one of my shows recently, and here's what they had to say! 

"Heather Lingle has a powerful voice, great energy, and is a true performer with passion that can be heard in every lyric she sings." ~Ashley Cosgriff, The BoZone, Arts and Entertainment

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Welcome to Blue Town

I've recently released "Welcome to Blue Town", my second album! It's a special project for me because I got to write a song with my grandmother, Dorothy Rinehart Lester, for this album - the title track "Blue Town."

I wrote and recorded this project during a very difficult, very painful couple of years.  You'll hear my struggle with major depression and anxiety disorders, alcohol abuse, and divorce. These honest, very personal struggles are revealed intimately through the songs.

Regarding production, Mark Iwaniak (producer & lead guitarist), my dad, Floyd Luker, bassist, and I recorded the album at Mark's Red Hill Records studio in Butte, Montana..

"Welcome to Blue Town" has been described as a:

"blue road diner with a down-home menu of songs serving up heart-felt passion, loss and joy all topped with southern-style gravy."  -The Montana Standard

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Exciting News!

I'm going to be in a movie!! An independent film titled, The Tinderbox!  I've been cast as myself playing with the band Montana Deluxe in the movie.  We'll be in the bar scene performing my song "Man of Mine" when the two lead characters fall in love while dancing! Two of my songs will be on the official soundtrack!!

Here is the movie trailer for The Tinderbox!  (We're at :36 for a split second!)


   learning foot guitar in my study

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