From the hills of Texas to the wilds of Montana

Through the bad times and the good,
Take a journey with me.

Heather Lingle on Big Butte

Free Gift!  Holiday Special MP3 Download!

Click HERE for the FREE Download of "Montana Turns to Snow"!

"Montana Turns to Snow"  is a song for those who grieve the loss of a loved one. 

Thanks so much for visiting!  You can listen to a brand new song from my upcoming album, Wild Blue, here!  Watch my music videos, stream & download my first two albums FREE, check out my show dates, photos, press & more.   Get in touch with me by submitting the form at Contact. I'd love to hear from you!




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This new song "Montana Turns to Snow"  is a FREE Holiday GIFT for those who grieve for a lost loved one this time of year.  

Check out the VIDEO on the homepage -   Get the FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of "Montana Turns to Snow" HERE!

I recently recorded this song in Nashville with Producer and Sound Engineer Bo Barber.  This gorgeous video was produced by the author and composer of "Montana Turns to Snow", John Emeigh.

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