Wild Blue

by Heather Lingle

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  • 03:45 Lyrics
    Aunt Marty's Cadillac - unreleased

    Aunt Marty’s Cadillac, by Heather Lingle & John Emeigh



    You should have seen my Aunt Marty back in the Cadillac Days.

    She drove a ’65 Caddy, top down, smelled of wine and hay.                                                                     

    She really was the belle of the ball, Waylon and Willie, man she knew ‘em all!   

    You should have seen my Aunt Marty back in those Cadillac Days.


    Verse 1:                        

    Well, nobody could resist her, my papa’s little sister when she’d cruise up and down the drag. 

    She was footloose and shameless, glamorous and famous, but I really don’t want to brag.

    She was the envy of all in Comanche when they saw her with Lucille Ball,

    And you won’t believe your eyes, no lie, she’d go fishing with Robert Duvall.




    Verse 2:

    Comanche was too small and California was a callin’ so she packed up that Caddy and drove. 

    She moved in with Roger Miller in a swanky little villa with the stars out at Lake Tahoe. 

    You got to love Aunt Marty, she knew how to party, but it really started taking its toll.

    When she finally hit the ground, Mama jumped on a Greyhound And drove that Caddy straight

    back home.





    Now Aunt Mary’s in a rest home.  She don’t get around much. She can barely walk,

    But when I see that rusty old Cadillac, I think “Man, if that car could talk…”



  • 03:33 Lyrics
    Wild Blue - unreleased

    Wild Blue, by Heather Lingle                                                          


    Verse 1:

    Time is hard when you don’t like

    Where you are.

    Loose these shackles from me, I’m gonna go

    I’m gonna go far.


    Verse 2:

    Journey on, journey on little sister

    Journey on.

    If we brave the wind-chill,

    they won’t find us over that hill.



    So, pack up your dignity ‘cause I know that it’s past time for us to leave.



    It was strange and new when we made it to the wild blue yonder

    Not gonna let you down this time around in the wild blue yonder.

    Our dreams have all come true ‘cause we made it // to the wild blue.          


    Verse 3:

    Time is hard when you’re scared of

    Where you are.

    The city is no place for me, I gotta go.

    Yeah I gotta go far.



    Chorus  x 2          

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