Man of Mine

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Heather Lingle
Heather Lingle


I creep into your room, it’s late

But I’m wide awake.

It’s time we had a date.


You set my head on fire

And I’m spinning like a tire

Blazing down the road.


Man of mine, man of mine

Man of mine, man of mine.


Let’s dance while the sun is down

And when it’ up, lay down then

You’ll make your happy sound.


Our worlds crashed into

Now what we have is new

But I swear I remember you.


Man of mine, man of mine.

My man of mine, man of mine.


Don’t wanna ever alter you

To yourself you must be true.

Man of mine.


I drive you crazy like today

I’m up, down holding sway

‘Cause I see nothing buy my way.


But, still you stay, still you stay.

Oh, man of mine, why do you stay?


Time and time you rescue me

From demons I can’t see.

You make the best of me.


You set me free, set me free.

Man of mine, set me free.


You set me free, you set me free

Oh man of mine, my man of mine.

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